”This is a success story of HT-TTM which brought together a spin-off and a big company. So we created a 3rd competitor in the world with a patented technology of a Turkish inventor in collaboration with a Turkish investor.”


About HT-TTM,

HT-TTM ( is one of the first three Technology Transfer Offices of Hacettepe University (—one of the leading public universities in Turkey with 3,495 researchers, 13 Faculties, 14 Graduate Schools, 2 Applied Schools, 1 Conservatory, 6 Vocational Schools, and 45 Research and Application Centers.

Since 2009, it has coordinated more than 1.200 R&D projects with its staff of 21 experts from different disciplines and more than 650 technical consultants. It has strong relationships with governmental bodies as well as research and innovation funding agencies in Turkey, such as The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and Small and Medium Industries Development Organization (SMIDO). HT-TTM has signed collaboration protocols with many Organized Industrial Zones in Ankara and many contracts not only with individual small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) but also with unions of SMEs. HT-TTM’s main fields of operation are contracted research, commercialization of university and industry inventions, intellectual property rights support (e.g., patenting and licensing), university–government–industry collaborative research and entrepreneurship.

We spread the awareness on intellectual-industrial property rights in both university and industry. In short period of time we have 112 national and international patents in our portfolio. We created success stories on tradability of technology which we used our talent on proper match between registered academicians and companies on our data base according needs analysis. Within this context, we would like to share an epitome for tradability of technology. Professional TTO staff regularly engages with university researchers  and industry to assess whether there is potential commercial merit to early-stage research.



TDU was a defence company, which is 1.5 years old spin-off, established in the Hacettepe Technopolis. 15 years long knowledge, a successful team and ambition to succeed! The company firstly contacted with HT-TTM Patent Office. During the initial meeting, the company had already produced their prototypes, made some connections with some firms but they were anxious and had questions about what kind of investment should be on this business, what pathway they need to follow to find the right partners to take the risks together.



First of all, we made an assessment on the situation of the company and informed the company on IP (Intellectual Property Rights) and especially patents. We emphasized that the company should file patent application product that has an importance and an innovative production technique. During our meetings about technical properties of the invention, we realised that the product has not only one patentable subject, but also 2 patentable subjects. We made two separate patent applications for each invention within the framework of secrecy. After patent filing, we organised another meeting with our University-Industry Collaboration (USİ) team and the inventors. Experts in our USI teams made an analysis on the technology, customer segment and also investor segment that would be able to understand the technology, needs and have investment potential. Then we started to contact with the companies and had meetings between inventors and companies. One of the companies that we contacted interested in the technology. We coordinated whole negotiation process with the investor and the inventors.

Figure 1. HT-TTM’s commercialization cylcle

We tried to be a balance factor between inventor and company during each meeting and to finalize process with keeping technology value. After 8 months long negotiation process, we reached agreement. We signed an agreement with the company based on investment and the spin-off signed an agreement with the big company as investor.  They decided to establish a joint-company which named TDU Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. (TDU Defence Systems Corp.), as a partnership.

And NOW;

TDU Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. built a plant in Aegean Free Export Zone and;

  • 10.000 m2 area
  • 2.500 m2 closed area
  • Production of anti-thermal and anti-radar textile materials in different forms and shapes
  • 18 white-collar employees, 12 blue-collar employees
  • Yearly sale: > 1 Million TL
  • Amount of Investment: 1 Million TL

HT-TTM was the correct address for the technology commercialisation process of this product in which has an important market potential.

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